Wordsworth House is the best place ever I have stayed.  I settled in so well I felt just at home all the staff welcomed me really nicely I will definitely stay in touch with the staff here. The rules are really fair. While I was here I really enjoyed my stay and am really upset to leave but will miss you all really much Young person

In my opinion as X social worker I feel X is well looked after at placement. She is given ample opportunities to partake in interests that interest her including education, training and leisure activities. I feel the communication between myself, staff and X is open and honest.  X I feel needs to take more opportunities to work towards her future independence. Social worker

During my time working with the staff within the Home I have found them to be very helpful and professional. The staff team are committed  to achieving positive outcomes to both of the young people I am the reviewing officer for. Independent Reviewing Officer

I was here nearly 5 months and it was somewhere I didn’t want to be but I tried to make the best of it and realised it’s a lot easier to be calm and civilised. Young people

we are pleased on X’s consistent commitment to his positive change. A.C.E Education Project

X has settled well into Wordsworth House. This is entirely due to the dedication of all staff in maintaining a stable environment and giving X time to himself while at the same time ensuring their availability for him. Social worker

Staff at Wordsworth House have worked hard with X and as a result I have seen major improvements in his attitude and behaviour. He has started to attend education and is more willing to engage with me. YOT Officer

To everyone at Wordsworth House thanks for making my placement with you interesting and enjoyable. Student Social worker

As the parent of a child in care I never thought that over 12 months ago this would be where me and my child would be. But this care service supports me and my child very well supporting us both to strengthen our relationship. It is a very friendly care setting, very supportive, very informative and myself as a parent tries to work closely with this setting with issues surrounding my child. Parent

I am unable to recall a single occasion where the response from staff at Wordsworth House has been anything less than immediate and 100% positive in support of the school and this young man Head Teacher E.B.D School

Thank you to the staff team at wordswoth house, always freindly and professional and have supported x in education sessions with me.Tutor Randstad Education